We invite you to attend the Planning Workshop on Oct 11-12 in Portland Oregon for the upcoming NSF Center on Pervasive Personalized Intelligence (PPI). The goal of this workshop is to bring together startups, corporations, universities, and government agencies to discuss global challenges and research solutions for enabling the next generation of Intelligent IoT. This Planning Workshop will lay the foundations for a new research Center on PPI.

A warm invitation to join us on Oct 11-12 from …
Danny Dig, Executive Director of The Center of Pervasive Personalized Intelligence
Terri Fiez, Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation, CU and
Bobby Braun, Dean, College of Engineering & Applied Science, CU
Scott A. Ashford, Dean, College of Engineering, OSU

I believe that further advancing digital innovation by IoT requires both technology breakthrough and technology harmonization and thus, this center, consisting of a team of universities and a broad spectrum industrial partners, will certainly become the new core of open innovations. My expectation is that the center will create a global-scale impact and visibility to make it the place for academia-industry collaboration on IoT.

– Yasunori Mochizuki, senior vice president at NEC Corporation